Want to commission cgill??

I do the sketches shown on my site here for fun.  Generally,  I impose them only on family members and close friends,  and even then I check annually to see if they wish to remain on the list for 'new occasionals'.


But I do commission work.  I do invitations to events,  cards,  special cartoons,  and other drawing.  My style is what it is,  so all I need in a commission is a general idea to work with.  If it is an invitation to an anniversary,  I might ask for a photo,  and then the size of the group,  the age range,  or anything that might stand out.


I do not attempt to create an accurate image of a person,  although some features of body height,  body movement,  age,  facial features can be worked with.  


My work is sketchy,  a reflection of my true personality,  steeped as I am in philosophy and history and antropology. 


If you would like to request a commission,  please write to me: 




Convince me the inquiry is serious by mentioning maybe where you live,  and your stage in life,  or vital contact information,  and then outline a concept. 


I would get back to you if it clicks,  and propose something.  I would then send drafts to you. 


The remuneration can be sent through Pay Pal,  and the commissions themselves would be deemed by anyone modest in their amounts. 


If you would like one of my drawn pieces that is shown on the website,  but want it on special paper to be matted for instance,  let me know,  and I will print at a professional level and charge 20.00 $ Canadian. 


Thank you. 


Christopher Gill in Nova Scotia Canada