Chris Gill



I am deep into retirement,  some twenty-six years deep. These cartoons I do are a way of crystallizing what I see and hear,  understand or fail to understand. 


The style is obvious:  loose,  sketchy,  light.  To date,  I have used Corel Painter to 'watercolour' the sketches.  I will be trying ink line sketches for a time. 


I do real watercolour paintings,  increasingly often these days. 


Occasionally,  pieces are published.  I do some philosophical ones,  since I am trained academically in the subject and have pursued my interest in the subject during my life,  and these have appeared in the British magazine,  Philosophy Now.  Other than that,  I simply distribute new sketches to those of my friends and acquaintances who say they'd be interested. Anyone who reads this and would like to see the new efforts,  email me:


The themes in my work:






Bio details:  born 1937, grew up in Ottawa, Ontario,  Canada,  and retired to Petite Riviere,  Nova Scotia in 1993. 

Education:  BA Hons (English and Philosophy),  Trinity College,  University of Toronto,  MA University of Toronto, Philosophy




“Sophisicated, erudite witty, original...and beyond the fringe, the best place to hang out.”

“Very profound cartoons, and I think nobody can copy your drawing style.”

“Fantastic gallery!”

“I just went over your site and I like your work very much. What you do is much more artistic than the average cartoon – you should call your pieces artoons.”

“Nice to see your expressive drawings. I like the looseness of them. They remind me of Quentin Blake's style.”

“Really dig your gallery! Keep on.”

“You have your own style of drawing personal and special way of creating this cartoon...and that is the most important.”

From the Sudan: “Your cartoons are simple in drawing and words but deep in meaning...your colouring style is especil and so don't even need to put your signature in your cartoons (sic).:

“Your work reminded me a little of Willian Steig's work. You probably know he drew for the New Yorker for years, as well as wrote and drew numerous children's books. He had a very unfinished, slap-dash look, but it worked. I mean this as the highest compliment...”

“Very refreshing and original...”

“I really like your works, your look at the world, even showed them to my 19 year old son , and he found them 'cool and intelligent and funny'.”

“Just want to stop by and say how much I love your cartoons. Very insightful and funny. Saw them at the Corel galleries today for the first time and headed off to your website. What a delight.”

“My english is not very good so i'm writting with my son. I like your artworks, you have a very interesting technique. I've best wishes for your work and good technique..hi fromTurkey.”