The Algonquin Circle


The Algonquin Circle,  a Blog for comments on a posted text,

 the content of which is intended to stimulate reflection on

philosophical issues of the day.  

   Notification of a

Post For Discussion will be sent to friends and

maybe onwards to the friends of friends.  Comments are

invited -- carefully written and up to 600 words. 

Those who comment  thereby join the group.  They 

will be put on a notification list,  and be offered opportunities

to write a Post for Discussion on a theme of their choosing.


It is an open site in terms of readers.


Since this Blog is part of a site for sketch work 

by cgill,  postings must come through 


Just send a signed and dated comment,  and it will be posted.



(The explanation for the date on this home page posting 

is to keep it at the top of the list,  only followed then by the 'first posting': a 

technical solution,  on this particular Artist Run web site.)


Chris Gill